Garage Door Replacement Parts Melbourne

Do you need high-quality garage door replacement parts Melbourne residents can trust and afford? JTN Garage doors can provide them for you. We can deliver –

  • Garage door lock replacement parts,
  • Garage door panel replacement parts,
  • Garage door motor replacement parts,
  • And more

Garage doors and automated gates operate efficiently all thanks to a combination of both electrical and mechanical components. With time, these parts will lose their efficiency and ultimately give in. This is the reason why periodic inspections of these parts, repairing or replacing the same is the part and parcel of owning an automated garage door or gate system in your property.

Why Choose This Service?

Remember that all the components of your garage doors are under extreme tension, and therefore can cause serious injury or death if you try to repair faulty parts on your own. This is why all garage doors should only be adjusted or handled by a qualified garage door technician. If in doubt, call JTN Garage Doors to have your garage door inspected and have all of its faulty parts repaired or serviced.

Why Us?

How about for the following compelling reasons?

  • We stock openers to suit every door on the market today or to replace your old opener. We carry remotes and parts for most openers too!
  • We stock heavy gauge steel hinges to replace those flimsy light gauge hinges. We also carry nylon hinges as well.
  • We have a wide range of door brackets, wheel brackets, jamb brackets so that we can meet the needs of the system installed in your property irrespective of the manufacturer.
  • We supply and install roller door openers to suit doors of every size; from the small residential door to the largest industrial shutter.
  • In case your door automation or garage automation system is backed with state of the art security and access control systems like a digital keypad, photo eye beam systems, fingerprint readers, universal receivers, etc. we can fix them too!

For more details, call us on 0404479240 or send an email along with your query or requirements to [email protected].