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Panel / Sectional doors 

  • We stock most parts for all panel doors 
  • we also service and repair most brands of doors 
  • Springs,cables , hinges plastic and metal
  • wheels and motors 
  • Routine maintenance 
  • We also offer replacement doors at affordable prices 
Garage door repairs Pakenham

Tilt doors 

  • Replacement tilt door hardware/fittings 
  • Springs 
  • Spring brackets 
  • W hooks 
  • Wheel assemblies 
  • We can service and re balance your tilt door 
  • Routine maintenance 
  • We supply motors to suit tilt doors at affordable prices 
Garage door repairs Melbourne
Garage door repairs Melbourne south eastern suburbs

Roller doors 

  • We can service and balance your garage door which keeps your motor running at its best 
  • We can supply and replace existing motor systems 
  • We stock well know brands at affordable prices 
  • If parts are available and the repair is cost effective we can repair your existing garage door opener 
  • Routine maintenance 
  • We can supply and install new roller doors at affordable prices 
Garage door installation Pakenham


  • Replacement motor systems for 
  • Slide and swing gates 
  • We offer full servicing on any gate system 

Industrial/ commercial 

  • Servicing most doors and motor systems 
  • Repairs and replacement parts 
  • Replacement motor systems 
  • Replacement slats 
  • Routine maintenance 

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